The scientific journal “ International journal of UNIIVERSITIES AND LEADERSHIP” invites you to cooperation on elucidation of the results of scientific research in the sphere of Education, Management and Administration.

The aim and the objectives of the journal: provide a platform for location of the scope of research papers, analytical, research and methodological articles, which have fundamental, applied and innovative character.

The journal release is scheduled twice a year.

Field of knowledge: problems of leadership in education, public administration and business, the role of university in training leaders, university leadership.

Publication language (languages): Ukrainian, English, Russian.

Sections of the journal: “Training leaders for education”, “The role of universities in training leaders for public administration”, “Universities and leadership in business”, “Development of leadership potential of universitites”, “Discussions”, “Brief reports”,  “Conferences, conventions, schools”, “Chapters of history”, “Anniversaries and dates”, “Reviews”, “Bookshelf”.

Requirements for execution of articles submitted to the journal editorial staff:

The article is to conform to the field of knowledge of the journal and, according to the paragraph. 3 of Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine Decree dated 15.01.2003, №7-05/1, include the following structural elements: setting of the problem in general and its relation to important scientific or practical tasks; analysis of the latest research and publications, where the solution of the problem is established and which the author relies on; accentuation of the parts of the general problem not being solved earlier, which the article is dedicated to; formulation of the article’s aims (statement of the objectives); narrative of the main data for study with the complete substantiation of scientific results; conclusions drawn in the research and prospects for further studied in this area.

The articles must be correctly formatted in order to be published: 8-15 pages (15000-26000 characters with spaces) including annotations, figures, tables and their captions; reviews – no more than 3 pages, brief reports – no more than 2 pages. Abstracts and list of reference are not included to the length mentioned.

To the address of the editorial staff the author sends an electronic version of his article as a .doc file and a printed version certified with his signature (font Times New Roman, font size 14, automatic interval, a page should not exceed 30 lines, 2 cm margins). The files submitted should have titles written in Latin characters and answer the surname of the author (petrenko.doc).

While writing the article the author should adhere to the following plan:

  • UDC index in the upper left corner of the first page;
  • Surname followed by initials of the author (authors) in original language, place of work of each author; whole postal address of the institution (with accordance to international standards); telephone, e-mail. The authors’ surnames and titles of the institutions they work at should be marked with the same number index (at the top);
  • title of the article capitalized;
  • annotation with novelty of the research mentioned (not exceed 200 words);
  • key words (not exceed five);

Text of the article should be structured as follows:

introduction; materials and methods; results and their discussion; conclusions; references.

Additionally annotation in original language and abstracts in Ukrainian / Russian (depending on the original language of the article), and English (every abstract on the separate page) are submitted separately. Before the word “abstract” surnames followed by initials of the authors, titles of the institutions, the whole title of the article in corresponding language should be written. After the main body of the abstract the key words are cited (with the line indented). Size of the abstracts – no more than 2000 characters with spaces each.

Together with an article as a separate file “Information about the author” is sent. The files’ titles (in Latin characters) should correspond with the author’s surname and include the word “довідка” (petrenko_dovidka.doc)

«Information about the author» should contain surnames, names and patronymic names of all the authors, their scientific degree, academic degree, position, place of work, address, telephone, fax, e-mail (for correspondence).

The article is to be signed by the author (all the authors) with the date mentioned on the last page.

The authors are absolutely responsible for perfect language execution of the text, particularly for correct scientific terminology (it should be cross-checked with branch dictionaries).

If the author wants to shorten the words that are frequently repeated, abbreviations should be stipulated in brackets when they are mentioned for the first time.

References to the literature in the text of the article are given in round brackets in correspondence with their number from the list of references.

Tables should be discreet and numbered; columns have to be defined logically and graphically. Material of the tables (and pictures as well) must be intelligible and it shouldn’t double the text of the article.

Figures are executed as clear drawings (using computer graphic editor in Word, TIF, JPG format). Coordinate axes on the diagrams are to be marked. Figures are put into the text of the article and also doubled as a separate file.

Figure captions, explanations and notices are given in original language and in English.

“Results and their discussion” section is to be written briefly: observed effects should be pointed distinctly, cause-and-effect relationships between them are to be shown, the author also gas to compare the information obtained with data from the literature and give answers to the questions raised in the introduction.

List of references is arranged on alphabetical-chronological order (Cyrillic alphabet, and then Latin alphabet) and put at the end of the article. If the same author of several works is the same, the works are arranges in chronological order.  The list is to be numbered, and in the text the references should be made to a corresponding number of the source (in round brackets).

List of references should be made in correspondence with the order stated in “Bulletins of HAC of Ukraine” №3, 2008.

Patent documents are given at the end of the list of references.

Date of receipt of the article means the day, when the final version of the text of the article after the reviewing comes to the editorial staff.

After receiving the corrected article the author is to rectify the mistakes only (distinctly, in blue), and send in back urgently to the address of the editorial staff, or inform about his corrections by phone or e-mail.

In the case of delay the editorial staff, following the schedule, reserves the right to put the emendation to bed without the author’s corrections.

The author’s signature at the end of the article means that he assigns his rights to publish his article to the editorial staff. The author warrants the originality of the article and that neither the article nor its figures haven’t been published before.

Rejected articles are not given back.